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Led into the Wilderness

Week 1, Day 1

Start with 2 minutes of silence

Scripture : Matthew 4:1-11 TPT
Afterward, the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the lonely wilderness in order to reveal his strength against the accuser by going through the ordeal of testing. And after fasting for forty days, Jesus was extremely weak and famished. Then the tempter came to entice him to provide food by doing a miracle. So he said to Jesus, “How can you possibly be the Son of God and go hungry? Just order these stones to be turned into loaves of bread.” He answered, “The Scriptures say: Bread alone will not satisfy, but true life is found in every word, which constantly goes forth from God’s mouth.”
Then the accuser transported Jesus to the holy city of Jerusalem and perched him at the highest point of the temple and said to him, “If you’re really God’s Son, jump, and the angels will catch you. For it is written in the Scriptures: He will command his angels to protect you and they will lift you up so that you won’t even bruise your foot on a rock.” Once again Jesus said to him, “The Scriptures say: You must never put the Lord your God to a test.”
And the third time the accuser lifted Jesus up into a very high mountain range and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and all the splendor that goes with it. “All of these kingdoms I will give to you,” the accuser said, “if only you will kneel down before me and worship me.” But Jesus said, “Go away, enemy! For the Scriptures say: Kneel before the Lord your God and worship only him.”
At once the accuser left him, and angels suddenly gathered around Jesus to minister to his needs.

Devotional : Led into the Wilderness

By Angie Feuerstein

Led by the Spirit into the wilderness? What? I want to be led by streams of quiet waters. What about Psalm 23? The temptation Jesus faced in the wilderness is actually a journey to that very place. Amazingly enough, the journey to ultimate rest and fulfillment started with not an encounter with God but an encounter overcoming the Devil’s counterfeit. After 40 days Jesus was weak and hungry, at that low point He faced temptation, the opportunity to go His own way, to sin. What is temptation but a test? Is a rocket ship launched without elaborate testing? Is any product marketed or patented before many tests to ensure it will succeed?

Why run to a test? Because there we find clarity, peace and victory.

Jesus passed the test, He obeyed the scripture He professed. Why run to a test? Because there we find clarity, peace and victory. Lent is a call to face the temptation to fulfill our sense of security, survival, approval, and power in our own wisdom. It’s the opportunity to choose as Jesus did, God reliance over self sufficiency.

After Jesus was tested, angels rushed to minister to Him. God‘s wisdom is great. A quieted soul is one that knows the word of God and His promises. Lent is a invitation to follow the Spirit into our own wilderness, to chose the promises of God over the lies of the enemy.

Question to Consider

What tests are you facing that could actually be preparing you for the future?

In your areas of greatest temptation what scriptures could inform your heart?


Dear Lord, if I’m honest I really don’t want to face any tests. Thank you that you have gone before me walking in faith in the weakness of your flesh. Will you go with me into my own wilderness, teaching me your truth to overcome the counterfeit? Amen

Close with 2 minutes of silence.


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