It is easy, especially right now with social distancing restrictions and so much 'news' happing around us, to keep our eyes focused on our church, our families, our little sphere of influence.  Because of this, we feel its important to 'lift our eyes' to see what God is doing - Here, Near and Far.  


Below are some of the organizations and  missionaries that our community supports and updates on their ministries.

Bruce Arnold, Pastor, HomePDX

HomePDX is a church without walls for people without a roof in the Portland Metro area.  HomePDX provides Christian Community and discipleship along with needed resources for people struggling with homelessness.


Chris Curry,Foursquare Missionary,


Chris Curry and his family serve the Foursquare Church in Thailand.  Chris primarily works among the Red Lahu tribes in the mountains of Northern Thailand.

Palouse Care Network

Palouse Care Network is a faith-based non-profit serving the Palouse region of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. We offer resources, education, and a sexual health medical clinic. We are a non-discriminatory, judgement-free organization promoting life, health, and hope.

Adri and Kelly Fonteijn, InterVarsity Fellowship

Adri and his family serve with InterVarsity providing discipleship to students studying abroad.  

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