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Hand Sanitizer and Re-Gathering

Church Family!

Just two quick and super exciting things! (Prepare yourself for a lot of exclamation points.)

Hand Sanitizer - Tonight (Monday, June 8th) we will be handing out bags of Hand Sanitizer for you to give away to your friends and neighbors. This is another practical way we can love and serve our neighbors! Pastor Janice and I will be at the Cordova from 4-7 pm. Just pull up and we will come to you! We only have about 500 bottles, so supplies will go fast! Drop by and grab a sack of sanitizer!

In-Person Gatherings! We announced yesterday (June 7th) that we will resume our in person gatherings at the Cordova this Sunday (June 14th!) Additionally, now that we are in phase 3, we can gather at 50% of our seating capacity! The staff and church council have been working hard on putting together a plan to help us minimize the ongoing risk of spreading Covid-19 while still connecting as the new family of Jesus. If you are not in one of the vulnerable groups (over 65 or with medical conditions that leave you immune compromised) please join us for church at the Cordova! Below you will find a “Re-Gathering Guide” that will help you prepare before you come. Please be aware - things will be different! But, that’s ok. “The sun will still shine and God will still be on the throne” (Jan Busboom) and “all shall be well.” (Julian of Norwich)

Can’t wait to see you this Sunday in person, or online. Either way, Jesus loves you, and so do Heidi and I.

Pastor Jamie

[Attachment: Re-gather Guide]

Church re-gather guide
Download PDF • 66KB


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