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God in Every Moment

Holy Week, Day 1

Begin with 2 minutes of silence

Scripture : Mark 11: 1-11

1 As they approached Jerusalem and came to Bethphage and Bethany at the Mount of Olives, Jesus sent two of his disciples, 2 saying to them, “Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here. 3 If anyone asks you, ‘Why are you doing this?’ say, ‘The Lord needs it and will send it back here shortly.’”
4 They went and found a colt outside in the street, tied at a doorway. As they untied it, 5 some people standing there asked, “What are you doing, untying that colt?” 6They answered as Jesus had told them to, and the people let them go. 7When they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their cloaks over it, he sat on it. 8 Many people spread their cloaks on the road, while others spread branches they had cut in the fields.
9 Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted, “Hosanna!” “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” 10 “Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David!”
11 Jesus entered Jerusalem and went into the temple courts. He looked around at everything, but since it was already late, he went out to Bethany with the Twelve.

Devotional : God in Every Moment

by John DenHerder

The future holds many mysteries. We often dream, think, hope, and worry about what tomorrow will bring. We set goals, watch the forecast, make plans and do the best we can to prepare for what is to come… but we don’t know the future. As Jesus prepared to enter Jerusalem, the people around him, including his disciples, did not know what would happen in the coming days. They celebrated and worshipped wholeheartedly at the coming of their king, the promise of a better future. Oh, how different their mood would have been if they knew, as Jesus probably did, that he would soon die to secure that very future.

God had a plan then, and he has plans now. Plans for us all… prosperity, hope and a future (see Jeremiah 29:11). God is with us and he is in every moment, in good times and bad. We can be present with him today and leave the worries and uncertainty of tomorrow at his feet, knowing that he is with us and for us. How great is that?! Hosanna!

Questions to Consider

What upcoming events or future plans have you been preoccupied with? In what ways could you practice presence with God and allow him to work his plan in you?


Heavenly Father, you are holy and mighty and worthy of our praise! Thank you for being Emmanuel, God with us. Thank you that you knew me before I was born and that you have a plan for me. God, help me to live each moment with you, and to let go of any fears and anxiety that come with the uncertainty of tomorrow. Please open my eyes to see you at work in my life and to feel your presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

End with 2 minutes of silence


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